Ms C Ingle - Learning Director of Department (Maternity Leave)
Mr D Wopshott - Learning Director of Department (Acting)
Ms T Palmquist - Learning Directors of Department (Acting)/Literacy Coordinator
Mrs R Borini - Learning Director of Department (Acting)
Mrs J Waite (Maternity Leave) - Deputy Learning Director
Mr N Pragnell - English Teacher
Ms A Bradley - English Teacher
Mr O Palmer - English Teacher/DLDY
Mr M Bradley - English Teacher
Ms O Tasher - English Teacher/DLDY
Ms K Poonisamy - English Teacher/DLDY
Mr T Barnes - English Teacher
Ms S Shaban - English Teacher
Ms S Brown - English Teacher
Ms S Zachariah - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Sells - Curriculum Support Assistant
Mr P Plowman - English Teacher/Senior Deputy Head/SLT Link

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