Message to Students

“The best spontaneous parties are those that are well planned”.

As Year 11 students approach to the end of an era of schooling, all thoughts turn to the future.  We could leave it to chance and see what happens but in this current economic climate, living in a period of austerity, it is best to plan well ahead.  Here in the Sixth Form at Kingsmead School, we aim to support all our students to maximise and access a superb range of opportunities made available to them.

We offer students access to 30 Advanced Level and 5 Intermediate Level subjects; however we go beyond the academic, we aim to develop the whole person, with a focus on interpersonal skills, building self confidence and developing a highly conscious world citizen. Students in our Sixth Form not only progress onto the top universities in the UK, such as Warwick, Bristol, LSE, Kings College London, York, Manchester and Cambridge, they are also working at the cutting edge of technology and intellectual ideas. 

Students who wish to follow a more vocational route are supported to develop valuable practical skills in a range of subjects such as Business, ICT and Health and Social Care; going on to colleges to develop those advanced skills necessary to compete in this rapidly changing and competitive world.

What qualities are we looking for in our students? They should be extremely energetic exciting, fearless, hardworking, adventurous and extraordinarily ambitious, who wants nothing but the very best and who will accept nothing less.

Why did the last OFSTED report say we were “OUTSTANDING”?   We do not aim for the ordinary but for the extraordinary; we do not accept failure as an option, not when there is a winning option. This coming year is going to be a most wonderful year – Why?  Because you would have made a very smart decision!    Welcome to the Sixth Form where your future will be secured. It will end in celebrations.

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